Dog Training, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting

We have a variety of services, some of which we can combine together. Have a look through and see what we can do for you. Cannot see what you need? Send us a message and we will do our best to meet your needs.
Dog Walking

*Weekend Prices are price plus half*

Catering to clients needs. We can come while you are away for the day, at home, injured or just cannot face the British weather. Depending on your dogs individual needs they can join on group walks or be walked separately. If you are unsure what would be suitable, send us a message.


One Hour, One Dog


One Dog, Half Hour


Additional Dogs


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Dog training

*All training is carried out by Faye Godson (See: The Team)

Training can be done alongside the owner. I can come to your home to guide you and your dog through the training.  Another option is for me to train your dog myself. I support you with videos and transfer sessions. Transfer sessions are to pass over the skills, These can be finished cues or the foundation skills for you to continue the progression yourself. This can be adult dogs or puppies. It is a great starting point to gain the foundation skills your dog needs when you do not currently have the time. If you have recently got a new puppy or rescue, there is the option of a longer consult. This is to give you extra guidance of understanding your  dog. It will include dietary needs, exercise and mental stimulation needs, basic training, house/toilet training, mouthing and much more!


One Dog Per Hour


Two Dogs Per Hour


New Dog Consult (2 Hours)


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